1&1 Prospects

Careers at 1&1 – We provide endless opportunities

In a fast and dynamic market environment, a decisive part of our success depends on our employees quickly adapting themselves to changing situations, growing with us and constantly learning new things. That’s why we get together with you and your manager to decide which seminars and further training courses would serve to bring you the success that you want to achieve.

With 1&1 you have access to the right training, no matter whether you want to quickly rise to a specific role, or gain experience in a broader range.

We are constantly encouraging our employees to pursue the career path that appeals to them the most, with ladders offered for engineering, R&D, technical and management tracks. In addition, 1&1 provides career mobility and supports cross promotion and change across all of our functional areas.

Entry level programes

Easy entry, diverse subjects, the best prospects!

At 1&1 we look forward to offering student employees stimulating “real world” practicum experiences. Our internship and working-student programs are crucial elements of our corporate and business development strategy. We offer exposure to the newest technologies, as well as professional and social networking opportunities. Our student employment and foreign exchange traineeship programs offer high-potential students from technical universities the opportunity to balance their academic studies with on-the-job training on “real-life” products.

Training programes

Demanding work, personal support and great opportunities!

At 1&1, we hold regular internal seminars from language courses to training courses in soft skills and specific programs for employees who wish to become a manager or expert.
Together with your department manager, choose what would be beneficial to both you and your work. All of our internal seminars are tailored to your exact needs, because they’re only on offer to our staff. You can also participate in external seminars if required.

We offer a combined style of on-the-job and formal classroom training. We stress learning from co-workers and peers, while also providing ongoing exposure to new developments in the technology landscape. A mentor that will help you integrate faster is allocated to you as a new employee on the first day of your job.